A Method to Identify Best Available Technologies (BAT) for Hydrogenation Reactors in the Pharmaceutical Industry

New Drug Approvals

J. Flow Chem. 2012, 2(3), 77–82



Journal of Flow Chemistry
PublisherAkadémiai Kiadó
ISSN2062-249X (Print)
2063-0212 (Online)
SubjectFlow Chemistry
IssueVolume 2, Number 3/September 2012
Tuong Doan1, Petr Stavárek1, Claude Bellefon1 Email for claude.debellefon@lgpc.cpe.fr* Author for correspondence: claude.debellefon@lgpc.cpe.fr

1CNRS, CPE Lyon University of Lyon Villeurbanne France


A methodology that may be applied to help in the choice of a continuous reactor is proposed. In this methodology, the chemistry is first described through the use of eight simple criteria (rate, thermicity, deactivation, solubility, conversion, selectivity, viscosity, and catalyst). Then, each reactor type is also analyzed from their capability to answer each of these criteria. A final score is presented using “spider diagrams.” Lower surfaces indicate the best reactor choice. The methodology is exemplified with a model substrate nitrobenzene and a target pharmaceutical intermediate, N-methyl-4-nitrobenzenemethanesulphonamide, and…

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