1-Octen-3-ol, octenol for short and also known as mushroom alcohol,[1] is a chemical that attracts biting insects such asmosquitoes. It is contained in human breath and sweat, and it was once believed that insect repellentDEET works by blocking the insects’ octenol odorantreceptors.[2][3] 1-Octen-3-ol is a secondary alcohol derived from 1-octene. It exists in the form of twoenantiomers, (R)-(–)-1-octen-3-ol and (S)-(+)-1-octen-3-ol.


IR(film):3350(OH)and 920cm-1(CH2=);NMR(CCl4)δ 0.90(t,3H,CH3CH2-),1.36
(m,8H,-(CH2)4-),1.96(s,1H,-OH),4.07(m,1H, CHOH),4.90-5.40(m,2H, CH2=),
and 5.55-6.20 (m, 1H, -CH=).

Natural occurrence

Octenol is produced by several plants and fungi, including edible mushrooms and Lemon balm. Octenol is formed during oxidative breakdown of linoleic acid.[4]

It is also a wine fault, defined as a cork taint, occurring in wines made with bunch rot contaminated grape.[5]


Octenol is used, sometimes in combination with carbon…

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