4 Oriental Quiet Therapies To Restore Emotional And Mental Well-Being

Lyra Nara Blog

Read the book first: The Quiet Therapies: Japanese Pathways To Personal Growth by David K. Reynolds. Then start to -practice these 4 therapies:

1. Morita Therapy

Created in the 1930′s by professor of psychiatry Dr. Shoma Morita, Morita therapy is said to be especially effective in treating neurosis and anxiety-based disorders.  It’s emphasis is on the behaviour of a person, on focusing on the present, on what one is doing, thereby shifting the focus from functioning in an emotion-centred state, to a purpose-centred state.

Ultimately, the aim of Morita therapy is to accept what you can’t change or control, i.e. the constant flux of emotions within you, and to direct your attention to what you can control and change, i.e. your actions and behaviour.  The goal, essentially, is to ground behaviour in the reality and purpose of the present moment.

Says the author about his experiences with Morita:

I believe…

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