A set of reaction conditions for an asymmetric Michael addition that isn’t hard to PEG

Developing the Process

If I can get away with a pun or a witty title for a tweet, I will try to do it.  I have been posting a lot of older material from my former website, PHARMNBIOFUEL.COM due to the fact that I have been keeping myself busy on other projects, plus I ran out of articles to talk about.  I usually take the bus into the city, take a few hours peruse some of the journal publishers’ websites and hope I have something interesting in my latest post.  The article I am about present came from my last batch of articles, but I could easily see I might need some background to present it in a better light.  I, personally, have never ran a reaction in PEG-400.  I have analyzed PEG-400 as it is used in ophthalmic solutions, but other than that, haven’t used in since.  It was this article, “Polyethylene…

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