There is so much more than the body and what the drugs do to the body

Everything Matters

I left this comment in a comment thread on a post at Mad in America: Psych Drugs Kill vs Psych Drugs Save Lives. What if Both Are True?

It was a kind of exciting thing to write and feel at the same time. Because I really feel a huge sense of WOW when I think about this stuff these days.

flowerThere is so much more than the body and what the drugs do to the body.

Everything I’ve done in my life (and every pill I popped into my mouth) has made me who I am…able to fight this fight and understand it from many different standpoints.

I am grateful for every moment now and in wonder of the way life’s tapestry works.

What a mystery that that which harmed me too has been what has forged me that I might help others.

I’m perpetually in awe of how truth…

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The language of life

Everything Matters

By Paul Woodward


Within the mechanistic worldview that shapes the way most of us view life, each human being and other living organism is seen as a discrete entity — a form that possesses and is animated by its own life.

Lives come into existence, go out of existence, and between times interact with each other, while all along retaining autonomy in varying degrees.

Human beings, as creatures whose powers have been extended and amplified through technology, supposedly possess the highest degree of autonomy, living lives steered by the exercise of our freewill.

Having become so full of ourselves we have mostly lost the sense of life forming a seamless whole. We fail to see that human being is a conceptual construct fabricated through a leap of imagination.

But this thing called life is unfathomably complex and the more we learn about it, the more we discover its interactive nature.

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World Asthma Day: How sunlight reduces asthma

Jayan Rappai

World Asthma Day: How sunlight reduces asthma

World Asthma Day is commemorated annually on the first Tuesday of May by Global Initiative for Asthma (GINA) to spread awareness about it. This year, GINA is organizing activities across the globe around the theme, “You Can Control Your Asthma”.

With this year’s theme in mind, healthcare professionals explain how Vitamin D (from sunlight) can help control symptoms of severe asthma. “Since asthma patients have a very low immunity and also tend to have a Vitamin D deficiency, exposure to sunlight helps to strengthen their immunity,” Vivek Nangia, director and head, pulmonary, Fortis hospital, told IANS.

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Spinach, apples increase important molecule for cardiovascular and cognitive health

Lyra Nara Blog

Scientists have discovered that consuming apples and spinach acutely increases nitric oxide (NO) status, an important molecule for cardiovascular and cognitive health through its affect on blood flow and blood vessel function.

UWA School of Medicine and Pharmacology expert Dr Catherine Bondonno was interested in testing whether flavonoid-rich apples and nitrate-rich spinach would increase markers of NO in the body, thereby leading to an improvement in cognitive function and mood.

“An imbalance of NO has been found in cardiovascular disorders and certain pathological conditions in the brain, [and] it appears cardiovascular disease or the presence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease contribute to cognitive decline,” she says.

“A diet high in fruit and vegetables is associated with improved cardiovascular and cognitive health.

“Flavonoids and nitrate, two components of a fruit and vegetable diet, are currently generating interest as research shows they could improve health by increasing NO in…

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