Do not forget to take Vitamin K

Lyra Nara Blog

There’s been a lot written about vitamin K recently. It’s similar to where vitamin D was a few years ago. It turns out that vitamin K is lot more important than we thought; it has many roles in the body we never knew about, and we need quite a bit more than was previously thought.

Until recently, Vitamin K was known only for its ability to help blood clotting. In fact people on anticlotting medications (blood thinners like Coumadin) are still often given some bad advice by their doctors: they’re told to avoid green vegetables because they’re high in vitamin K. Green vegetables are of course among the healthiest foods on the planet, and we now know that vitamin K is a lot more than just a “clotting vitamin.” It’s even vital to prevent the very heart disease blood thinners are prescribed to address. Although I believe there are much…

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