How to approach your acupuncturist

Everything Matters: Beyond Meds

Someone asked about acupuncture in a health group I’m a member of. In the group we all have HIT (histamine intolerance). Susan, one of the group members responded with what I strung together to become this lovely essay. It contains wise words for anyone with any sort of unique health challenge. I know there are many folks who read this blog with unique health challenges. So where it refers to HIT just insert whatever not-so-common health condition you are faced with and heed the wonderful suggestions that Susan makes.

I’d like to add here, given there are a lot of readers of this blog that have psych drug withdrawal issues that some of us find that we cannot tolerate acupuncture at all during acute phases of illness. Multiple sensitivities can also make herbs quite risky. It’s worth being aware of these issues too.

By Susan Tenney

Advice on how…

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