Onion: Health Benefits and Medical Uses ( acts as blood thinner)

New Drug Approvals

Picture of onion

Onion is a commonly known plant. The part used is the bulb, which grows underground. It is an essential part of our kitchen herbs and spices. Onion is used in lots of recipes all over the world particularly in South Asia. It is both herb and vegetable used in all seasons. It has been part of many herbal preparations particularly sexual medicines since ages due to its medical properties. Apart from the chemistry of onion, it has dry-warm characteristics, which are used to treat various ailments. It is a boon for those having wet-cold constitutions. Many diseases associated with wet-cold group can be treated with onion. In homeopathy it comes under the name Allium Cepa and is used for a multitude of symptoms. Following are some of the common uses: –

  • Asthma
  • Cholera
    It is an excellent first aid for cholera. In most cases, a teaspoonful of onion juice can…

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