The Alkalizing Benefits of Lemons

Passport to a Healthy Me!

-guest blogger, Jeannette Northern

Lemons again, you say? I can’t help but think about them! There’s a tree just outside my front door that barely wanes from bearing fruit. If memory serves, there’s a mere six-weeks per year when there isn’t a ripe lemon to pick. My father has an older lemon tree that he spends the spring and summer harvesting. His tree reminds me of a cow needing to be milked as its branches hang heavy with bright yellow fruit.

Ever wonder why mother nature would want to offer us such an abundance of lemons?

Dr. Oz says that lemons are a “one ingredient fix” for our good health and skin surface beauty. Lemons help our digestion and cleanse our bodies inside and out. They are anti-bacterial and full of vitamin C. Lemons are even a great exfoliant for the skin. Strangely enough, while lemons are naturally acidic, they actually help to alkalize our bodies and keep our natural…

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